Advertising, that's not intrusive. Orly?

When you have apps in Google Play (and I imagine, other App stores as well), the amount of spam you receive instantly goes up by a factor of 10. Google’s spam filters are pretty well trained but every now and again something gets through.

Advertising opportunity

Today’s piece of bullshyt (I really meant to spell it like that) reads as follows (my emphasis):

Our premium advertisers are currently looking to buy android traffic at a very high price in apps like Nononsense Notes.

We think you can generate up to $10 CPM with their full screen ads, which are very clean. Indeed, most of our advertisers are willing to pay, on average, between $1 and $3 per installation. You’re free to display these ads whenever you want in your app so that it’s not intrusive.

Ads are by definition intrusive. That’s how they nag you into buying their stupid stuff. And it doesn’t matter how clean your ads are. Displaying them fullscreen is beyond intrusive. It is down right offensive.

I uninstall anything that displays obnoxious ads, be they fullscreen or notifications, and promptly give the app a one star review. I sincerely hope others afford me the same “courtesy” for my apps.