Getting Adblock to work in Conkeror

Conkeror supports firefox addons to varying degrees. I found that a good indicator is if the addon has support for Firefox 3. This means you can use Adblock 2.0. But, the GUI for selecting a filter subscription will not show. Hence the need to install Adblock 1.3 first. To get Adblock up and running in Conkeror, do the following:

  1. In your rc-file, set: javascript session_pref("xpinstall.whitelist.required", false); 2. Go to Adblock versions. 3. Install 1.3.10. 4. Open extensions: M-x extensions. 5. Go into preferences for Adblock and subscribe to a list, like Easylist. The list might complain about requiring Adblock 2 for some filters, which is fine since we will fix that next. 6. Now go back and download/install version 2.0.1. 7. Enjoy the web again.